“I love the fact that we can put people into homes who are happy to have them—it’s exciting to see that, and we’re able to make it happen because we have a unique, family team. I couldn’t do this without all the hardworking and dedicated guys and gals I’ve got. It’s taken me years to create this, and every year it gets better. I feel like we’re miles ahead of everybody else.”

Ed grew up on a family farm in Minnesota, which taught him values that he still brings to MHB every day: honesty, loyalty, fiscal responsibility, and the importance of hard work. Making every penny count and managing a tight-knit family of employees, subcontractors and vendors, Ed and his team are able to produce high-quality, affordable homes.

With construction experience stretching all the way back to the 1980s, Ed knows every detail of the work that goes into MHB’s homes. He’s proud of the level of quality and customer service that MHB and its warranty provider, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, can provide, and the increasingly challenging housing market has made Ed even more committed to providing competitively priced homes to the people who need them.

“I love that when you choose to work with MHB we can tailor a custom floor plan to fit your wants and needs. We work with you to make a house a home.”

Stacey joined MHB in 2011 to provide administrative support. Her main task is processing the twice-monthly construction draw for the many vendors and subcontractors that MHB works with. She also manages accounts payable and receivable and other miscellaneous administrative tasks. Stacey enjoys the close-knit work environment with her fellow employees and hopes to continue to help MHB excel.

“I enjoy working at MHB because I love being able to work outside. The houses we build are also very good quality: we use premium materials, and we have a very good warranty program for new buyers.”

Randy has been farming and working construction since he could hold a hammer, and he has a high level of experience in the construction industry and everything that goes into building a quality home. Before he joined the MHB team in 2012, Randy owned his own construction business, which was very successful. At MHB, he oversees and schedules subcontractors and keeps multiple building projects moving forward and on schedule.

“I love my job, so starting a new project and seeing it to completion is always exciting for me. Ed Ernste and the people he employs are here to give each potential homebuyer the best-quality product on the market without breaking the bank.”

Martin has been working in the construction industry since 1985. His years of high-level construction experience (his previous position included managing 150 employees and a $30-million contract) make him invaluable to MHB’s sister company, JEI Concrete and Excavation. He uses his managerial expertise to coach and mentor his employees to ensure that JEI continues turning out high-quality, profitable work. He has been with JEI since 2014.

“I love working at Monument Homebuilders because of the quality of work that we provide for the home buyers. Each home is carefully constructed by our dedicated, hard-working employees to satisfy the needs of every costumer”

Taylor is responsible for customer service as well as assisting in administrative tasks. She also provides support to the HVAC and Plumbing Department by handling their accounts, billing, and scheduling. Taylor loves the work environment at MHB and is anxious to watch the company excel.

“We build great homes that are well built and well priced. My favorite thing about working at MHB is that it’s not the same thing every day—I’m always learning new things.”

Shaun has been with MHB since 2004, and he remains one of our most essential team members. Shaun plans, oversees, and organizes the operations of the shop. He makes sure that work is on schedule, being completed safely, and up to MHB’s high standards. He supervises and trains staff members, manages large, complex projects, and keeps our production on time while carrying out our standard of excellence.

“When you buy a home from us, you’re buying a house that's equal or better in quality than any of our competitors. Our commitment to doing things the right way, not cutting corners, and standing behind our product gives you the peace of mind you need to know you made the right choice.”

Collin is the glue that holds the many moving pieces of MHB and its sister companies together. On a typical day, Collin is forecasting, purchasing, scheduling, meeting sales deadlines, managing warranty claims, and working with subcontractors, suppliers, employees, inspectors, and building departments. He also helps MHB plan for the future, setting goals and strategizing for the business. Collin holds a BS in Business Management from Colorado State University, and has been with MHB since 2011.

“My favorite part about my job is learning all the ins and outs of owning a business. I also love that our homes are great starter homes—they’re very affordable!”

Brianna is the “jack of all trades” at MHB—if you’re looking into buying one of our homes, you’ll likely speak with her at some point. She has a BA in Communications from the University of Wyoming, and she has been with MHB since 2010. Brianna is one of our brightest and best, and her friendly, easygoing attitude and professionalism keep everything rolling smoothly.

“I like the variety and flexibility of my work with MHB and AC Mechanical. MHB and its sister companies use premiere equipment and do high-quality work.”

Mike has worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years, including a position as a superintendent at several high rises in Las Vegas, Nevada. As project manager for MHB and its sister company AC Mechanical, Mike orders lights and appliances for new home builds and makes sure that AC Mechanical has everything it needs for its retrofit, new construction, plumbing, and fabrication projects. He has been with MHB since 2004.